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UPDATE: Federal Government's Priorities Moving Forward

With the spike of COVID-19 cases since August and an expected continuation of the increase, the federal government has announced its priorities and agenda.

On September 23 - Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, delivered the Speech from the Throne to outline the government's plans for the upcoming months

Highlights Relevant to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) expanded to help businesses with fixed costs, such as rent, lease, and utilities

Federal Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) extended to Summer 2021

Commitment to create a nationwide early learning and child-care system to encourage child-carers to return to the workforce

Confirm the transition from CERB to regular EI

Creation of a temporary Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) for self-employed individuals and those ineligible for EI

Scaling up the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy to provide more paid work experiences for youths

Watch the Speech from the Throne:


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