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How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like Facebook, but for you to share your professional life. It is equivalent to a massive networking event, except it's done virtually. It is a social networking platform for professionals to connect, for businesses to recruit talent, and for brands and companies to sell.

Why you should use LinkedIn

There are more than 30 million companies that use LinkedIn for business. You can create a LinkedIn page for you company. LinkedIn users can discover and connect with your company to learn more about your visions, mission, values, products or services, and career opportunities available. LinkedIn is a great platform for you to extend your reach to potential customers and employees.

Social networks and social media platforms have the ability to create a sense of community on the virtual world. LinkedIn, as well, allows users to connect and engage with your content, and get real-time updates about your company.

Tips for your LinkedIn Business Page

Filling out your company details

  • Name: full company name - don't use abbreviations or acronyms

  • Website: connect LinkedIn users to your company website

  • Industry: this helps other LinkedIn users interested in the industry find you

  • Logo: this gives a "face" to your company - allows people to remember and recognize your company (make sure it is 300 x 300px)

  • Tagline: gives users visiting your page a short description of your company

LinkedIn Dashboard - Build Your Page

  • Company Description: the "About Us" of your page. Tell users about your vision, mission, values, and products or services you offer.

  • Location(s): add the location(s) of your company (you can name them as well)

  • Hashtags: makes your page more searchable (think SEO)

  • Cover Photo: equivalent to the Facebook banner.. (size: 1584 x 396px)

  • Call-to-Action Button: options include visit website, register, contact us, and learn more

Page Admins


  • Designated Admin: access to edit your Page, add admins, post updates

  • Sponsored Content Poster: access to share and sponsor updates your Page

    • Direct Sponsored Content Poster: allows advertisers to create sponsored content ads through a LinkedIn Ads account on behalf of the company

  • Lead Gen Forms Manager: allows access to download leads from LinkedIn Campaign Manager

  • Pipeline Builder Admin: access to create and edit Pipeline Builder landing pages associated with your Page

LinkedIn Content Calendar

You can plan posts in advance using this feature. This allows you to plan in advance and monitor reach, engagement, and whether you are meeting your objectives. Remember to include photos and/or videos in your post for better performance - better engagement from other LinkedIn users. Videos tend to fare better in terms of engagement than other types of content.

LinkedIn's Algorithm

LinkedIn prioritizes posts based on:

  1. Personal connections

  2. Interest relevance

  3. Engagement probability

Make sure your content is of interest to your potential audience.

Do you use LinkedIn for your business? Comment down below any tips and tricks you have or any questions you have about using LinkedIn.


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