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Call for Participation | April Cohort | Apr 15 - May 24, 2024

In April, Spring emerges, bringing with it a period of renewal and expansion. This presents an ideal opportunity to revitalize your business aspirations. Join us for the April Cohort of the Integrated Women's Entrepreneurship Project, where we foster ideas and support women in flourishing as successful entrepreneurs.

IWEP presents free one-on-one virtual business advisory services, entrepreneurial skills training cohorts, mentoring sessions, and networking prospects to all our qualified clients.

Much like nature's awakening in April, let this season be the catalyst for your business concept to flourish. Seize the chance to blossom within a community of fellow women with similar ambitions, acquiring the necessary skills and support for your entrepreneurial voyage. Let's collaborate to transform your aspirations into tangible achievements this Spring. Take action today and submit your application to our project here!


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