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Success Stories

The Immigrant Women Entrepreneurship Program is one of many efforts to close gaps in services for women entrepreneurs and to increase the number of training opportunities available to and tailored to women entrepreneurs. Immigrant and/or visible minority women entrepreneurs face an additional barriers, including:

  • Lack of knowledge about the Canadian business environment, system, and resources

  • Lack of familiarity with Canadian business culture

  • Lack of business English competency

  • Lack of a strong financial credit history


Through our program, our clients have not only gained confidence to start and run their own business, but they have also acquired the necessary knowledge to allow them to open a business that complies with Canadian regulations and conforms to the Canadian business environment and culture.

Aura Healing Medi Clinic.jpg

Jane Lee

Jane has gained confidence and knowledge about business startups through IWEP’s one-on-one business coaching service. As a result of multiple discussion about commercial leasing and insurance and small business legal and tax considerations, Lee has launched a healthcare clinic that offers a range of services to help with issues such as chronic pain, women’s health, and mental health, as well as providing esthetic services.

Hasnaa Fatehi

Hasnaa decided to start her own MedTech regulatory consultancy business in 2019. She has adventured through many countries - Morocco, France, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Canada - but confesses that starting her own business was the single craziest yet most rewarding adventure of all.


In 2020, she opened a branch office of her BC incorporated business in Taipei to help the booming Taiwanese MedTech industry obtain market clearances in North America, Europe and Australia.


Hasnaa runs her business from a feminist+anti-racist and science+art based approach. She is passionate about empowering Muslim and racialized women in STEM and has a proven track record of changing things from within institutions.

Hasnaa Fatehi.jpeg
Embroidery Magic.jpg

Angel Khazoum

Angel moved to Canada from Syria, where she ran an embroidery design business for over 10 years. With her passion and expertise in embroidery, she wanted to resume her business here in Canada. However, due to lack of knowledge on the Canadian business environment, Angel was hesitant to proceed. Through one-on-one consultations with our business coach, Angel was able to obtain knowledge about the Canadian business environment and key resources necessary to start her own home-based business establishment.

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